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Lenovo 65W Type C Laptop Adapter

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Lenovo AC Adapter offers fast and efficient charging. Keep one in the office, one at home, and another in your case for convenient access to power. Just plug it into an available outlet to deliver AC power to compatible Lenovo laptops and recharge its battery. Lenovo AC adapters are compact, energy efficient and backed by a 1-year warranty.

Suitable for New IdeaPad & ThinkPad Series

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\n \n \n \n Color\n Black\n \n \n Connection Type\n USB-C\n \n \n Hardware Requirements\n USB-C\n port\n \n \n Hot plug\n Yes\n \n \n Max Power Consumption\n 1w\n \n \n Over voltage protection\n Yes\n \n \n Brand\n Lenovo\n \n \n Other Electrical Specifications\n AC\n Input: 100-240V ~ 1.5A 50-60Hz DC Output: 20V 3.25A\n \n \n Other Operating Environment\n Temp.:0?~+35?.\n Humidity: 20%~95%RH\n \n \n Other Physical Specifications\n Dimension:108*\n 46 * 28.5 mm DC Plug: Round tip\n \n \n Package TypeRetail\n box\n \n \n Maximum Relative Humidity (%)\n 1\n \n \n Minimum Relative Humidity (%)\n 0.2\n \n \n Input Power\n 100-240\n V / 1.5A 50-60 Hz\n
Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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